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WH Kemp. Ticking All the Accreditation Boxes

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We seem to be making a habit of collecting industry accreditations. With the UL and ISO certifications nailed firmly to WH Kemp’s mast.

Ticking the Accreditation Boxes
Customers can rest assured they are working with an utterly responsible manufacturer of Cable Assemblies, Control Panels and Wiring Harnesses. Regular factory inspections by UL auditors - all successful - have been the norm since 1986, an important requirement for customers exporting goods to North America. Our loom manufacturing adheres to UL procedures and traceability requirements; and by using only genuinely specified components, we can demonstrate REACH and RoHS compliance. Little wonder customers always tick the box entitled, 'WH Kemp. The ultimate safe pair of hands’.

Case History: CE Marking

CE Mark

Customers certifying their products to CE Marking standards – European conformity requirements for safety, health and the environment – can be fully confident in the component products supplied by WH Kemp. Recently a global manufacturer - a customer of WH Kemp for over 15 years - re-certified its products for CE Marking. By providing all necessary information for CE compliance, WH Kemp played its part in helping the customer effect a smooth certification process.

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