Aircraft Ground Support Cable Assemblies

Aircraft and Airport Ground Support Equipment

WH Kemp has been supplying Cable Harnesses and Control Panels to manufacturers of Airport Ground Support Equipment over the past decade.

WH Kemp is proud to have been building Cable Harnesses and Control Panels for aircraft handling tractors, some of which handle the largest aircraft in airports across the globe. Further, our Control Panels are used by Navies internationally to control and handle helicopters on aircraft carriers.
WH Kemp has also recently worked with Airbus on providing solutions for off-aircraft cable harnesses used to test on-aircraft electrical equipment. In addition, WH Kemp build Cable Harnesses for aircraft power generators.

Cable Harnesses used within aircraft ground support equipment and those used for testing aircraft systems can be complex and use special components. The WH Kemp team work with the component manufacturers to find the right solutions and our operators are skilled in all aspects of the specialist manufacturing process.

Work Example:
Cable Harness and Control Panel solutions to support and improve customer in-house builds

Our main customer in this sector was growing quickly and had been building cable harnesses and control panels internally with the help of a small cable harness firm. Over the years, specifications had been updated or changed by their engineers and some changes to the cable harness specifications had not been clearly updated on the drawings.

New directors came into the business and one of their key challenges was to reduce build time. There had been a history of late deliveries and quality issues with cable harnesses and control boxes. These issues were a key reason for build times delays. Electrical faults invariably arose on their first fitting. In response, the company had built many hours into their tractor build plan for what was referred to as ‘tinker time’, this to correct electrical quality issues stemming from control box faults.

The new directors set out to find a supplier of control panels and cable harnesses that delivered quality products on time, at a price that was commensurate with their current costs. However, their project was made more challenging as many of the cable harness drawings did not include the latest specifications.
Enter WH Kemp. Firstly, the WH Kemp team worked tirelessly through the many cable harness drawings, noting the engineering changes. Differences between the golden samples and drawings were duly noted and reconciled. Our team were proactive in clarifying the product specifications and ensuring changes were correctly incorporated into the latest drawings.

Thereafter, WH Kemp supplied complete cable harness kits ready to fit to each tractor – delivered on time.

The control panel builds were originally assigned to a specialist aerospace contract electrical manufacturer. However, after many failed attempts to build to the correct quality, WH Kemp was asked to take over the control panel builds. We were delighted that our control panels functioned perfectly from the outset, and the customer was thrilled that their ‘tinker time’ was eliminated thus reducing build times.

In summary, the WH Kemp team supplied the customer with products delivered on time, of perfect quality and helped the customer shave over 12 hours of the vehicle build time. We also worked with their engineers to update drawings and ensure the most appropriate components were being utilised.

If you could benefit from working with a proactive cable harness and control box supplier that will work with you to reduce lead times, improve your drawing control and enhance quality, then feel free to discuss any issues with our experienced team on 01373 823322. One of our team will be happy to help you.


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