The History Of Wire Harness Manufacturing At Wh Kemp
Wh Kemp Wire Harness Manufacturing Facilities

The History of Wire Harness Manufacturing at WH Kemp

Wh Kemp Business Certificate 1967

Founded 1967

Founded 1967

The Origins Of WH Kemp Cable Assembly Manufacturing

WH Kemp’s history dates back 54 years. In 1967 West Country entrepreneur Wilfred H Kemp, founded the family-run Cable Assembly business in the city of Bath.

At the time WH Kemp’s raison d’être was supplying electrical Cable Harnesses to just three companies. Two of these founder customers are now FTSE-listed, global, engineering giants. To this day remain loyal customers of WH Kemp.

The History Of Pottinmg &Amp; Encapsulation At Wh Kemp 1970S

Throughout the 1970s

From Strength To Strength For Wire Harness Manufacturing

WH Kemp’s reputation for manufacturing reliable, high quality Wiring Looms and Wiring Harnesses quickly captured sector attention. Industrial engineering and electrical customers – large and small – were soon beating a path to WH Kemp’s door. Eager to outsource their specialist Cable Assembly requirements.

Throughout the 1970s

History Of Wire Harness Manufacturing At Wh Kemp 1 | Wh Kemp

The 1980s & 1990s

Expansion And Relocation To Purpose Built Premises

With a rapidly growing customer base in tow, WH Kemp re-located to larger premises in nearby Bradford-on-Avon.

Throughout the 80s and 90s further success followed, forcing another move. This time to purpose-built premises in order to accommodate the burgeoning workforce of top class Cable Assembly technicians and the company’s state-of-the-art wire harness manufacturing equipment.

The 1980s & 1990s

The History Of Wire Harness Manufacturing Wh Kemp Factory

2002 Onwards

A Modern, Purpose-built Cable Harness Manufacturing Site

For the past 19 years our HQ has been a modern 25,000 sq. ft factory site in Westbury, west Wiltshire – Find us on Google Maps here.

We continue to manufacture Wire Harnesses, Cable Looms and Panel & Box Builds for a diverse range of customers. From high-tech UK SMEs, to global Companies which are leading the way in engineering innovation. The history of WH Kemp continues.

2002 Onwards

Wilfred H Kemp and his descendants may have long retired from WH Kemp;
However, our founder’s ethos of offering customers a transparent, friendly, ‘family feel’ service via consensus-led management, has been maintained by today’s owner John Wyatt and his team.
Wilfred Kemp’s customer-centric legacy lives on.

We would be delighted to take you on a tour of our purpose built facilities. We will gladly explain all aspects of our processes relating to wire harness manufacturing. Please call us on 01373 823322 or contact us here.

Wh Kemp Established 1967

The History of WH Kemp Encompasses 50+ YEARS OF RELIABILITY • 50+ YEARS OF TRUST