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Our Philosophy for Cable Assembly Manufacturing

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’

A hackneyed phrase to some perhaps; nonetheless one which epitomises WH Kemp’s brand mantra and working philosophy.

Our philosophy which motivates uncompromising customer service from each and every member of our team. ‘Do unto others’ is our golden rule; our guiding principle for 54 years. After all, customers are our lifeblood, upon whom, in turn, our dedicated workforce of 60 plus Cables Assembly specialists depend.

A disgruntled, dissatisfied customer is inevitably a ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ customer. Anything but at WH Kemp, where we’re proud of our average customer loyalty retention rate of 15 years.

Our Philosophy Definition Wh Kemp
Definition Of Our Philosophy For Cables Assembly Manufacture

Our philosophy supports our high customer retention

Our ‘Do unto others’ approach has built an enviable customer base. In addition to a number of high-tech SME clients, several global engineering giants benefit from our status as a Cables Assembly manufacturer of complex and intricate products.

Our philosophy of ‘Do unto others’ means our customers enjoy sector-leading quality stats:

‘Do unto others’ has also led to the establishment of a loyal, hard-working and contented team at WH Kemp.

Our customers can be reassured by the presence of a competent management, comprising over 200 years combined experience in the Cables Assembly sector, supported by a stable, well-trained, skilled workforce.

Cable Assembly Customer Comments

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ has served WH Kemp well for 50 years, but don’t take our word for it. This is what our customers have said:

We’ve used several so called expert Panel Build firms – only WH Kemp delivers on time with a product that works first time.


You have been one of our most consistent quality suppliers for many years.

Wh Kemp Philosophy
Wh Kemp Established 1967

99.9%+ Right First Time • 98%+ Delivered on Time • Unbeatable Value

John Wyatt Management Team

John Wyatt

Managing Director

Prior to acquiring WH Kemp in 2012, John’s business career spanned 30 years in the City of London and in Continental Europe; specifically, Switzerland and Hungary. He successfully directed business units within a number of multinationals, in the consumer, retail and engineering sectors. Amongst the companies where John has worked are Wilkinson Sword, Swedish Match, Pharmacia and Tesco. He has also held the position of MD at various manufacturing SMEs. This wealth of business experience, in tandem with John’s personal and open management style, has proved invaluable at WH Kemp in cementing excellent customer and staff relationships. John also holds an MBA from CASS Business School.