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WH Kemp. Answering your Wiring Harness, Cable Assembly & Control Panel needs.

“Welcome to WH Kemp, a name synonymous with high quality Wiring Harnesses, Cable Assemblies and Control Panels.

Consistently superior performance stats. Over 50 continuous years of success. A 25,000 sq. ft, modern, manufacturing site. A 60+ strong team of skilled experts. WH Kemp ensures you the customer receive a top-class service, always.

We partner medium-size traditional customers, as well as global engineering giants and high-tech ‘Advanced Manufacturers’ from the nuclear, robotics and green sectors.

Customers frequently tell me it’s our friendly, easy-to-work-with, talented team that sets us apart. It’s true, our 100% customer retention record and near-perfect Right First Time and Delivered On Time performance scores, does make for a happy, team-spirited workforce. Absolute reassurance that you the customer made the correct choice with WH Kemp.

If you’d like to learn more about our services and meet our team, I would be delighted to take you on a personal tour of our manufacturing site.”

John Wyatt, Managing Director.

99.9%+ Right First Time

WH Kemp delivers sector-leading quality scores for you the customer.

98%+ Delivery On Time

WH Kemp meets your deadlines, without compromise.

100% Committed To Value

WH Kemp offers competitive pricing for in-house, UK made assemblies.

Wiring Harness &Amp; Cable Assembly
Wiring Harness &Amp; Cable Assembly
Wiring Harness &Amp; Cable Assembly

Wiring Harnesses & Cable Assemblies

at A Glance:

  • WH Kemp manufactures every type, size and magnitude of Wiring Harness and Cable Assembly, no matter how complex, intricate and challenging
  • WH Kemp manufactures Wiring Harnesses and Cable Assemblies for multiple industries, including Medical, Vehicular, Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Scientific and Defence
  • WH Kemp’s Wire Harnesses and Cable Assemblies are built for absolute reliance and safety, for application in the most demanding of environments
  • WH Kemp guarantees you the customer, the highest standards of Wiring Harness and Cable Assembly products: UL and IPC Certifications
Control Panels &Amp; Box Builds Wh Kemp

Control panels & Box Builds

at A Glance:

  • WH Kemp builds Electrical Control Panels for many of the UK’s leading engineering businesses in the Marine, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Robotics, Catering, Scientific and Defence sectors
  • WH Kemp offers customers a wealth of technical expertise and design support in building high quality Control Panel enclosures and component parts, acquired over a 25-year period
  • WH Kemp is accredited with UL and IPC Standards Certifications, and manufactures Control Panels within a Quality Management System conforming to ISO 9001
  • WH Kemp operates a rigid testing process on all Control Panels, often using bespoke equipment built by its own in-house engineers
Control Panels &Amp; Box Builds Wh Kemp
Control Panels &Amp; Box Builds Wh Kemp

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