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For over 50 years WH Kemp has been working with many of the most prestigious engineering manufacturing businesses in the UK.

Our Industry experience includes:

Fire Detection


Green Energy

Heating and Ventilation

Hybrid Engines


Medical & Scientific

Motor Sport







Scientific Instruments

Specialist Machinery

Technical Machinery




WH Kemp’s 25,000 sq. ft. modern factory includes a dedicated automotive Production Cell facilitating the manufacture of large Cable Looms for utility vehicles and the UK’s leading Bus and Coach company. We supply highly specified, robust Wire Looms both directly to the end user and as part of a tier-two supplier arrangement.

Our specialist engineers liaise with, and visit regularly, commercial vehicle manufacturers. When required, we provide assistance with Cable Harness design as well as offering advice on technical areas such as water ingress, vibration resistance and security.

In recent years, we have developed and assembled Control Boxes and Cable Looms for the UK’s leading manufacturer of specialist towing vehicles. Our automotive customer base also includes companies that build security vehicles, road sweepers and vehicle LED lighting.

Green Energy

green energy

The UK has pledged to phase out coal-fired power by 2025, and with solar and wind power expected to generate a third of global electricity needs by 2040, WH Kemp has been playing its part in the move towards a cleaner planet.

Our product engineers have helped to develop the appropriate design and specification of looms that contribute to driving Wind Turbines. Specifically, members of our management team are working alongside related manufacturers in the areas of chokes, magnetic materials and inverters, with the aim of producing the perfect Wiring Looms and sub-assemblies for on-shore Wind Turbines.

We continue to grow our green energy sector credentials by cooperating with leading international turbine manufacturers. What’s more we have adapted our business and manufacturing model to facilitate greater involvement with the off-shore Wind Turbine sector.



Since founding the company 50 years ago, WH Kemp is proud to have worked regularly with the Ministry of Defence and its chosen sub-contractor organisations. It goes without saying specialist Cable Harnesses and Control Boxes for the defence sector must be utterly dependable, given their potential role in hostile, rugged conditions.

Not surprisingly many of our MOD projects are highly confidential. Suffice to say, over many decades we have produced countless varieties of Wiring Looms and Panels for use on the front line as well as in an engineering support capacity. WH Kemp personnel have aided design for equipment employed by the Royal Navy and British Army units, including the SAS.

All our defence harnesses comply with strict customer specifications, thereby ensuring perfect fit and function to deliver nothing short of top level performance.



WH Kemp was established in 1967, primarily to manufacture sub-assemblies for what today is one of the most admired companies in the Oil and Gas sector. Fast forward 50 years and that company - a FTSE 100 listed global giant - remains a loyal customer.

Our expertise for building reliable harnesses to drive actuators and motorised valves for the petrochemical industry, has attracted similar contracts from a number of OEMs supplying this demanding sector; with many products ending up on the North American continent.

In addition to manufacturing Cable Harnesses, WH Kemp’s responsibilities extend to helping with design and supplying Potted Assemblies for machines and instruments, many of which can be found playing an integral part in highly challenging environments: oil refineries, gas rigs and in sub-zero temperatures.

Our technicians operate proactively and leave no ‘safety stone’ unturned, proffering advice on flame proofing cables and planning for product end use in extreme temperatures. Perhaps therefore it’s no surprise WH Kemp has remained on the petrochemical industry’s preferred supplier radar for 50 years.

Specialist Machinery

specialist machinery

Several high-tech machine manufacturers elect to choose WH Kemp, reassured not only by a highly flexible service, but one that guarantees fast turnaround and speedy delivery. Understandably, a prerequisite of these fast-moving customers is absolute trust in our ability to carry out ‘just in time’ deliveries without compromising product quality. Our sector-leading stats say it all: +99.9% Right First Time and +98% Delivery on Time.

Many of our customers in this particular sector require delivery on a daily basis directly to their respective production lines. Typically, our supply of Wire Looms is in kit form, packed according to customers’ instructions. Cable Loom specifications can vary from simple to very complex; however, common to all is our commitment to meet customer expectations, adhering to every requested detail.

Specific customer examples falling under the Specialist Machinery umbrella, include the UK's leading food sorting machine manufacturer, the UK's leading vending machine company and industrial boilers. We also supply Wire Harnesses for printing machines, security equipment and gas detection machines.



WH Kemp’s experience in this sector spans several decades. Customers recognise our specialist expertise and standing as an utterly reliable source for several sub-sectors of the aviation industry - from ground-based projects to airborne functionality.

Specifically, we have worked within the Aerospace sector on projects involving the building of complex Control Systems for the movement of helicopters on-board naval vessels, as well as building Cable Assemblies necessary for the testing of the latest military aircraft. Furthermore, we have manufactured Cable Harnesses for aircraft power generators, on-board kit and aircraft towing equipment.

N.B. WH Kemp has chosen not to adopt full certification of AS9100 Rev D at this time, albeit our processes are in full alignment with the requirements, should certification become necessary to meet customer requirements.

Medical & Scientific

specialist machinery

After many years working in partnership with manufacturers who supply the medical and scientific sector, WH Kemp has acquired an in-depth understanding of applications: from laboratory analysis equipment and patient monitoring networks to MRI and radiology.

We are proud of our innovative medical cable design and to know that our products form an integral part of blood transfusion machines, incubators, specialist deep cleaning equipment, patient moving equipment and MRI scanners.

We recognise our responsibilities in supplying a sector which depends on absolute attention to detail and where there is simply no margin for error. Which is why we have assigned a dedicated production cell for the manufacture of Cable Looms for life critical equipment.

In addition to our work in the medical sector, we have earned an enviable reputation for producing small, but intricate cable looms on behalf of firms building delicate, high-tech scientific instruments. For example, in recent years WH Kemp has been building various electronic sub-assemblies, which encompass very high value sensors and optics.


specialist machinery

WH Kemp has been involved in rolling stock projects, rail signals and passenger gate systems for more than thirty years. Our expertise extends to producing Cable Looms for safety-critical equipment and Wiring Harnesses of the highest quality, in order to withstand stress factors such as vibration, water ingress and temperature.

Control Units, displays and panels for this sector, not only require the kind of high specification Cable Harnessing manufacturing operations in place at WH Kemp, but also our experience in providing the most appropriate materials and project management solutions.

Currently we are proud to be involved in one of the most exciting and significant infrastructure projects ever undertaken in Britain. WH Kemp is providing equipment for gating systems for Crossrail, the new high-speed rail service for London. Due to open at the end of 2018, Crossrail is currently Europe’s largest project of its kind and is estimated to add £42bn to the UK economy.

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