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Why Choose WH Kemp

Why do engineering companies outsource their Cable Assembly, Wiring Looms, Panel Builds and Control Box manufacturing?

The reasons are many and varied:

  • To reduce and control operating costs
  • To comply with the company’s broader outsourcing strategy
  • To free-up crucial management time and improve company focus
  • To access sector leading automated machinery and technology
  • To offset potential / existing workforce scarcity
  • To access a specialist Cable Assembly workforce / service

And, if they find the right outsource partner; one that genuinely practises an efficient, right first time, customer-centric policy, then it’s highly unlikely they return Cable Assembly manufacturing to an in-house operation.

That’s certainly the case here at WH Kemp, where we hold a proud record of retaining contracts over very long periods. After all Cable Assembly is our core competency.

We’ve spent 50 years continually training and building teams of Cable Assembly experts; 50 years of acting as a vanguard for the Cable Assembly sector; 50 years of developing mutually trusted customer partnerships.

The result - an average customer retention rate of over 15 years.

Why Choose WH Kemp

If your Company is considering outsourcing, perhaps you fall into one of these categories:


Requirement for a second Cable Assembly manufacturer

Your existing outsourced partner may be facing capacity problems, or it may be simply a case of you requiring a benchmark of reassurance. Bringing on board a second outsourced Cable Assembly manufacturer not only spreads your risk, but also provides an intrinsic series of checks and balances, likely to deliver better practices and lower costs. WH Kemp is happy to work in tandem with competitor companies.


Moving from an in-house Cable Assembly operation to outsourcing:

Your business has grown faster than originally expected; you’re on the cusp of outgrowing your premises; you’re experiencing personnel recruitment problems. You’ve probably reached that critical point when it’s more economic to outsource Cable Assembly manufacturing to a dedicated team of experts and in doing so, reduce your stock levels and other associated costs.


Re-shoring your Cable Assembly manufacturing:

Taking advantage of apparent overseas labour savings is sometimes negated by high logistics and inventory costs. Additional management time is often required, to monitor a relatively complex supply chain. In many cases, price differentials can erode, especially on a TCO basis. Many customers also tell us they prefer the advantage of geographic adjacency and the flexibility of regular face-to-face contact.

Whatever your particular reason; whatever the size of your company; whatever the complexity and extent of the contract, we invite you to consider WH Kemp, the natural home for Cable Assembly manufacturing.

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