Production Case Study 3: Component Quality

Attention to detail is what sets WH Kemp apart from other Cable Assembly manufacturers. In our series of production case studies, we examine how we work with our customers to simplify their production and solve problems before they arise.

WH Kemp’s customer specific Production Cells means that each customer has a team of specialists trained to understand and meet that customer’s requirements. WH Kemp reviews production each morning in a series of stand-up meetings with each Cell Leader prior to the daily management meeting. These meetings provide an ideal opportunity to throw up ideas that can enhance a customer’s cable assembly, improving reliability of the final product.

The Customer

This customer produces electronics for a number of applications including aerospace and military vehicles. They have been working with WH Kemp for several years and are supplied with a range of cable assemblies and panels for their production site.

The Challenge

In one of the daily production meetings, it was noted the specified insulated wire was showing a larger than acceptable number of failures whist being manufactured at WH Kemp. The cause of this needed to be identified and rectified.

The Solution

Once the problem had been identified, it fell to the Quality Management team to decide on a solution via a Product Improvement Report. WH Kemp’s process improvement process, pulls together the drawings, specifications and production experience, enabling a solution to be agreed upon. In this instance it involved rerouting the problematic wire to alleviate the potential for the insulation to fail. The solution is documented, photos taken and included with the documentation that then becomes part of the production process for that component.

When the issue was first identified on the shop floor the possible quality issue using the specified component was flagged up to the customer. As the end product was for use in a certified environment changing the wire specifications was not possible, making WH Kemp’s manufacturing expertise critical in ensuring that the assembly was built in such a way that it remained reliable for the working life of the final product.

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