Debbie Meakin's 25th 25th anniversary at WH Kemp

Loyalty, Longevity and Gold Watches

My colleagues and I recently hosted a factory visit from a new customer. While demonstrating our core Cable Assembly, Panel Build and Potting Encapsulation operations and procedures, not surprisingly the customer met and talked with many of the WH Kemp yeam.

Even if I say so myself, WH Kemp has an enviable track record when it comes to ‘delivering on time’ and ‘getting it right first time.’  Which is why I was confident our sector-leading performance stats, coupled with our modern, purpose-built, 3-acre factory site would pass muster. I’m pleased to say that indeed was the case.

Following the customer’s visit, and as part of my own assessment on how it went, it struck me, above all other observations, how genuinely astonished the customer had appeared on hearing that a significantly high percentage of the team had worked at WH Kemp for at least 10 years. In fact, for many it’s been more than 20 years. There is even a handful who have been here for 30+ years, and as such have remained loyal to the Company despite a couple of factory relocations during our 55 year history.

The truth is, I lost count of the number of times I heard the customer expressing words such as, ‘loyalty,’ ‘longevity,’ ‘duty,’ and ‘friendly,’ while chatting with our employees. As we said our goodbyes, the customer was kind enough to suggest the high standard of WH Kemp’s manufacturing processes had much to do with the longevity, camaraderie, and experience of its employees.

A couple of weeks later l found myself, and much to my delight, presenting a gold watch to a long serving and highly valued member of the WH Kemp team. Debbie Meakin is a diligent and popular employee, and 2022 marks her 25th anniversary. During the presentation, I found myself drawing upon those same words – loyalty, longevity, duty – as conveyed by the customer when touring our premises. This prompted me to ask Debbie whether she would mind telling me what it is that has kept her at WH Kemp for a quarter of a century.

Debbie told me she likes the type of work she does, including knowing that our humble cable harnesses, wiring looms and panel builds can make a massive contribution to engineering health and safety. Above all, I was struck by hearing how much she valued her fellow colleagues, enjoying what has become enduring friendships, because they too have worked at the Company for many years. So much so, Debbie stated she wishes to continue and develop her career at WH Kemp.

It’s often said, ‘a business’s most valuable asset is its employees.’ I couldn’t agree more and continue to be proud of the splendid workforce here at WH Kemp. I appreciate their dedication and reliability; their diligence and duty; and of course, their loyalty and longevity of service. As the country enters deeper into what inevitably will be a difficult period, I can feel confident of my team’s support.

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