Continuous Improvement Culture at WH Kemp

WH Kemp: A culture of continuous improvement

WH Kemp has an ongoing focus on continuous improvement and frequently invites lean manufacturing experts to work alongside us to observe, explore, train and generate ideas on where we can make improvements to our business, with the objective to create greater value for our customers and ensuring we provide our people with secure and satisfying employment.

Currently WH Kemp are working with consultants from the Manufacturing Advisory Service exploring areas where we can make further improvements in our order to delivery process. The WH Kemp leadership team recognise that such projects, where we seek to explore and implement process improvements, is aided by having a great company culture. We can only meet and secure our desired improvements within a business environment where our employees can openly discuss how they feel, share their thoughts on areas to improve and feel comfortable trying out new ideas.

Our team are justifiably proud of our wiring harness and cable assembly quality, delivery and customer retention record.

Our people expect our leadership team to act on the things that they see can be improved – they come to work to do a great job and take pride in what they achieve.

Yet, our staff appreciate that our ways of working need to be constantly reviewed and refined. They recognise that the leadership team care about the business and want to do everything to keep our customers happy. In turn they have secure jobs and can share in WH Kemp’s success. We believe our people have a much more positive experience of work when they can see clearly the part they play in our business.

Culture Of Continuous ImprovementIndeed, we expect all our team members to contribute to WH Kemp’s success. Our employees are engaged in what they do and perform to a high standard. As a result, WH Kemp is seen as an excellent place to work. Our wiring harness team are long serving, absenteeism is low and friends, family and any temporary staff invariably ask to join our team. We are an employer of choice in our locality. When our wiring harnesses, cable assemblies and control panels reach our customers, they’re happy too – everyone wins.

In other words, WH Kemp is seen as a good employer due to our prioritisation of continuous improvement and that we engage with all our staff to make things better.

For our customers, they can be assured that they are working with a sustainable manufacturer of wiring harnesses, cable assemblies and control panels. Indeed, the longevity and sustainability of many companies in the cable harness sector is of growing concern. Issues stemming from shortages of skilled staff in addition to financial instability are becoming increasingly prevalent within the sector.

Continuous improvement is embedded within WH Kemp’s culture, alongside lean thinking, problem solving, coaching and a focus on people engagement. This culture has evolved over many years, making WH Kemp an ideal choice of supplier of cable harnesses and control panels. WH Kemp, founded in 1967, is the UKs longest serving wiring harness supplier and we have every intention to continue serving our customers for many more years to come.

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Wh Kemp Established 1967

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John Wyatt Management Team

John Wyatt

Managing Director

Prior to acquiring WH Kemp in 2012, John’s business career spanned 30 years in the City of London and in Continental Europe; specifically, Switzerland and Hungary. He successfully directed business units within a number of multinationals, in the consumer, retail and engineering sectors. Amongst the companies where John has worked are Wilkinson Sword, Swedish Match, Pharmacia and Tesco. He has also held the position of MD at various manufacturing SMEs. This wealth of business experience, in tandem with John’s personal and open management style, has proved invaluable at WH Kemp in cementing excellent customer and staff relationships. John also holds an MBA from CASS Business School.