Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning
Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning

Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning

WH Kemp have been building cable looms and control panels for the HVAC sector for over two decades. Major customers include the supply of cable harnesses to the leading brand of Air Conditioning units and control panels for two Heating Boiler manufacturers.

Some of WH Kemp longest standing customers for Wiring Looms operate in the HVAC sector. Our customers operate at both Tier 1 and Tier 2 in the supply chain. Indeed, WH Kemp supply Wiring Looms for the number one air conditioning brand in the UK in addition to other brands in the HVAC sector. Typically, our customers require just in time, yet highly variable volume deliveries as they are manufacturing and selling HVAC units into consumer and industrial markets at short notice.  Some customers require us to pack together the various cables assemblies and separate Wiring Looms required to complete one of their HVAC units. Typically, these cable assemblies will be packed into one shipping unit and supplied to a customer’s assembly line. Therefore, all the Cable Looms will be at hand to enable the operator to fit easily into the unit being produced.  Some customers require WH Kemp to deliver a few times each week, using their shipping units that are suitable for their factory floor configuration.

Typically, such customers provide us with blanket orders to cover say, 6 months demand. These orders are then called off when required.  For the customer they know that WH Kemp will have, in stock, finished Wiring loom products that may be required at short notice.  Such stocking agreements are becoming increasingly commonplace with WH Kemp customers. In establishing such agreements WH Kemp and the customer will have meetings to ensure expectations are understood and can be met by both parties. Such agreements have now been in place for many years with some customers and work very well.

Case Study: HVAC

WH Kemp’s most recent HVAC customer came to us for help having been continuously let down by their then cable harness supplier. It was a word of mouth recommendation, which is so often the case with WH Kemp’s new customers.

This customer required a variety of cable assemblies, delivered together in individual kits that their factory operators could fit into each of their machines. Each kit contained many cable assemblies. Their incumbent supplier rarely had all the items in their finished stock to enable complete kits to be put together and sent as one shipping unit. This led to frequent production line stops for the customer.

Enter WH Kemp: Within weeks, WH Kemp had built a portfolio of Wiring Looms which could be picked as required to enable complete wiring kits for each machine to be sent to the end manufacturer when required. It is essential that firstly, the processes are in place that ensure the correct mix of cable assemblies are produced on time and are in stock and, secondly that the team responsible for picking the multitude of items required for each kit are diligent and efficient.

Over the past 4 years WH Kemp has invested heavily in ERP software and hardware. This has supported our processes and people in ensuring that the right products are manufactured on time and that processes are in place to facilitate efficient picking.

If you would like to work with a flexible supplier, able to manage a large portfolio of Wiring Looms that can be held in our stock, picked and accurately kitted and shipped just in time for your production, then please call one of our team on 01373 8223322 or email us on info@whkemp.co.uk and one of our team will come back to you within one working day to discuss your requirements.

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John Wyatt

Managing Director

Prior to acquiring WH Kemp in 2012, John’s business career spanned 30 years in the City of London and in Continental Europe; specifically, Switzerland and Hungary. He successfully directed business units within a number of multinationals, in the consumer, retail and engineering sectors. Amongst the companies where John has worked are Wilkinson Sword, Swedish Match, Pharmacia and Tesco. He has also held the position of MD at various manufacturing SMEs. This wealth of business experience, in tandem with John’s personal and open management style, has proved invaluable at WH Kemp in cementing excellent customer and staff relationships. John also holds an MBA from CASS Business School.