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WH Kemp is proud to have played a small part in the fight to beat Covid-19

The world has a new group of hitherto unsung heroes. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, medics and scientists have found themselves in the limelight as much as in the laboratory. And rightly so. From Chris Whitty and Jonathan Van-Tam to Patrick Vallance and Jenny Herries, these are the new celebrities. Along with of course, frontline key health workers and those brilliant individuals responsible for developing successful Covid-19 vaccines.

Now, please don’t think WH Kemp is claiming a place in the vanguard of battling Covid-19. However, our 60-strong team of technicians here in West Wiltshire is proud to tell families and friends they played their own (small) part in the race to beat the virus.

For example, our Cable Assemblies are components in NHS Covid blood monitoring machines. Whilst our Wiring Looms and Link-Wires – supplied via tier-2 companies working with Fortune Global 500 company Schneider Electric – are inside fuse boxes and trunking systems destined for the Nightingale Hospitals, originally set up to cope with a surge of Covid-19 cases.

Medical And Scientific Mri Scanner Cabler HarnessesYou may be wondering how WH Kemp has been able to work in such esteemed company and be part of such important work? Two words: ‘reliability’ and ‘reputation.’ The fact is, after more than 50 years of producing Wiring Looms and all types of Cable Assemblies for the Medical and Scientific engineering sector, we have established an exemplary reputation for not letting people down. Let’s face it, there simply can be no margin for error when contracted to manufacture complex Control Panels and Cable Harnesses that end up in the likes of Siemens MRI scanners.

Another example is our work is with Talley Group, now part of Direct Healthcare Group, a leading European manufacturer of pressure care, specialist seating and other patient handling product solutions. Our Cable Assemblies are in electric operated hospital bed units designed for moving mattresses to ease patient discomfort.

And the list goes on: WH Kemp’s involvement in the Medical and Scientific industry extends to manufacturing and supplying Control Boxes and Cable Assemblies for use in laboratory equipment and for thermostatic water baths. We have even provided completed assemblies for incubator units designed to protect endangered birds.

Today WH Kemp is a natural ‘go-to’ company for sourcing component parts destined for Medical and Scientific products. We offer a wealth of health and life supporting applications experience, acquired over five decades. From laboratory analysis equipment and incubators to MRI scanners and blood transfusion equipment, there’s a pretty good chance they include WH Kemp manufactured products.

If working with a Cable Harness supplier with a well-trained and motivated team, UL accreditation and the highest standards for quality, reliability and competitive pricing, we’d welcome you calling us on 01373 823322 and talk to one of our team. Alternatively email us on with your enquiry and we’ll get back to you very quickly.

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