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‘Trains and Boats and Planes’

Music: Burt Bacharach. Song: Dionne Warwick. Cable Assemblies: WH Kemp!

Arguably the most tenuous link in the history of copy writing! Nonetheless, the truth is for decades WH Kemp has manufactured a range of Cable Assemblies (and Control Panels) for Professional Catering Equipment associated with the full spectrum of transport types: ‘Trains and Boats and Planes’ ….and Buses we might add!’

Perhaps we should explain. From Cable Harnesses, Wiring Looms and Control Panels to Cable Connectors and Link-Wires, WH Kemp’s manufactured products are helping to keep travellers fed and watered. Our Cable Assemblies are an integral part of ergonomic airline service carts, food warming units and galley trollies, as well as embedded in food and beverage vending machines located at ferry terminals and on exterior bus waiting platforms.

Whether contracted to manufacture high volume Link-wires and Cable Connectors, or lower volume Cable Harnesses of greater complexity, WH Kemp retains a permanent, fully trained workforce, immediately disposed to tackle the expectations and demands of those customers manufacturing and supplying Professional Catering Equipment.

Aircraft Food And Beverage Carts Aircraft food and beverage carts comprise cable connection configurations, and require safety measures, broadly similar to those found in other types of commercial professional catering equipment. However, WH Kemp’s retained stock and manufacturing expertise takes account of the specific need for low weight (Ultra Lite) Cable Harnesses, fundamentally important to meet in-flight weight limitations, as well as facilitating trolley manoeuvrability by airline staff within confined aircraft spaces.

WH Kemp’s long standing and transparent ‘open door’ policy encourages both existing and potential customers to visit its 25,000 sq. ft., purpose-built, Wiring Looms and Control Panels factory. We welcome customer interrogation of our procedures, our products and our people. We want our customers to be reassured they have chosen the correct Cable Assembly and Control Panel manufacturing partner; one that operates the most rigorous testing routines; one they can trust and rely upon to provide nothing short of the highest quality products in the sector.

It’s not unusual – during their fact-finding factory visits – for customers to applaud WH Kemp’s problem-solving capability. Often this has led to quid pro quo invitations extended to WH Kemp technicians to attend research and development science parks, at which optimum Cable Assembly and Control Panel solutions are brainstormed. On one such occasion – at an Oxford-based science park – WH Kemp personnel advised how to address the safety risks associated with development of an extruded chip vending machine incorporating the use of hot cooking oil.

What’s more, when you consider our Cable Assemblies are also found inside food and drink dispensing units in offices, it’s fair to say WH Kemp harbours as much experience as anyone in the Professional Catering Equipment sector.

Who knows, perhaps even Burt Bacharach has consumed a meal from an in-flight galley trolley that had a WH Kemp manufactured Cable Assembly inside it! Although even we admit that was unlikely to have been the inspiration behind ‘Trains and Boats and Planes!’

Professional Catering Equipment Project Example:

WH Kemp set up a large-scale Wiring Loom production facility within 2 weeks to support a customer when their Wiring Loom supplier went bust.

WH Kemp’s growth stems largely from current customers. Yet is not unusual for us to win new business when a rival Wiring Loom supplier runs into problems, often related to financing. This was the case for one of the UK’s largest vending machine manufacturers. The company found itself with a significant problem when its Wiring Loom supplier went into administration with no notice. They turned to a number of alternative suppliers to see who could help.

WH Kemp came back with the best solution. Our team came up with a speedy production turnaround plan and pricing solution that met their Wiring Loom needs. Production was set up within two weeks. Now, 20 years on, the vending machine manufacturer remains loyal to WH Kemp, always mindful of the damage that was inflicted on their business through using a financially unstable supplier.

WH Kemp rescues a customer’s reputation after their Wiring Loom supplier went bust.

In the current environment, many Wiring Loom manufacturers find themselves in a difficult financial position. WH Kemp benefits from strong financial management and governance. We are a business committed to ethical, social and financially responsible business practices. We are open to discuss our estimating processes with our customers and invariably we agree pricing with our customers that can be seen to be fair to both parties.

Whilst it may not be the first consideration for some customers when selecting a Cable Harness supplier, it is of critical importance that any supplier remains financially stable. In WH Kemp’s 54-year history, it has never put any of our customers’ businesses at risk through poor financial control.

WH Kemp’s professional financial management enables our customers to be confident that their Wiring Harness supply is in safe hands.

Yet, WH Kemp recognises that it operates in a competitive environment and seeks to offer a sector leading value proposition. This we achieve through our sharp focus on minimising waste, lean operations, best value procurement, efficient build processes and ensuring our people are well trained and motivated.

If you would like to be assured of working with a financially stable Wiring Loom and Control Box manufacturer who provides you with a service that gives assured quality, value and delivery on time over the long term, then please call one of our team on 01373 823322 or email with your enquiry.

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Prior to acquiring WH Kemp in 2012, John’s business career spanned 30 years in the City of London and in Continental Europe; specifically, Switzerland and Hungary. He successfully directed business units within a number of multinationals, in the consumer, retail and engineering sectors. Amongst the companies where John has worked are Wilkinson Sword, Swedish Match, Pharmacia and Tesco. He has also held the position of MD at various manufacturing SMEs. This wealth of business experience, in tandem with John’s personal and open management style, has proved invaluable at WH Kemp in cementing excellent customer and staff relationships. John also holds an MBA from CASS Business School.